📹👍 Winnebago Man

Cannot recommend this documentary more highly. Without question this is one of the most memorable documentary films ever made. You cannot call your life complete until you’ve watched Winnebago Man.

It seems the production company that made this film has decided to honor Jack Rebney’s death by releasing the film for free.

🎵 Kill Me by Dead Soft

I’m back with another song performed twice by the same band. I LOVE when bands cover their own music. Sure, acoustic versions of songs are nice, but covering your own music is a whole other level of cool.

In the case of Kill Me, the faster version if the original while the slower version is the cover. Which one do you like best?

I had been listening to this faster version of the song for over a year without knowing the slower version existed. It buttered by bread to hear the slower version which is now part of my Favorites playlist.

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