Tunes that make my toes move.

🎵 Kill Me by Dead Soft

I’m back with another song performed twice by the same band. I LOVE when bands cover their own music. Sure, acoustic versions of songs are nice, but covering your own music is a whole other level of cool.

In the case of Kill Me, the faster version if the original while the slower version is the cover. Which one do you like best?

I had been listening to this faster version of the song for over a year without knowing the slower version existed. It buttered by bread to hear the slower version which is now part of my Favorites playlist.

📹🎵 Whirlybird

This documentary covers the careers of Bob Tur and Marika Gerrard, two of the earliest helicopter journalists who worked in the air over Los Angeles in the 80s and 90s. This is easily a 5-star film. The history, the insight into human behavior, the emotions… I struggle to convey how moving this film is. I cannot recommend it more highly.

I came across the film due to following the music of Ty Segall. The score is fantastic work, just like the film.

Whirlybird [IMDB]

Whirlybird (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Spotify]

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