Thousands and thousands of words in RGB.

🖼️👍 Magnuson Heavy Industries

I use Charityvest to manage a donor advised fund where I do all of my charitable giving. If you give money to charity at all, you absolutely must give Charityvest a try. There are only benefits to using the service without a single downside. It’s simplified my charitable giving in so many ways. I love Charityvest.

Once you open a donor advised fund with Charityvest, they give you the opportunity to name your fund. This fund name can then be shared with any organization you donate to. Because “Charles’ Charity Fund” is a boring name, I decided to have some fund and create “Magnuson Heavy Industries”.

To go along with the silly name, I had some fun creating a simple logo. Here are a couple versions in light and dark themes:

Originally I tried to find an outline of a factory that I could manipulate into the shape on a capital M. That effort did not go so well, which forced me to think about other heavy things. Elephants immediately came to mind. Oddly, I associate elephants with my family because my parents read me Babar the Elephant books as a kid, so the connection here works nicely.

The versions with the rectangle behind the text gives me vague GTA 2 logo vibes. Overall I’m happy with the outcome of about 30 minutes of effort. I’ve registered, so all that’s left now is to put together a simple landing page. Might setup email on the domain too, but those efforts will be saved for another night.


It’s live! →

🖼️ The ISS

The International Space Station over Redwood City, CA
See that tiny white pixel in the center of the image? That is the International Space Station. Taken April 7th, 2020 in Redwood City.
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