👍 Bitter Lake

“Bitter Lake explores how the realpolitik of the West has converged on a mirror image of itself throughout the Middle-East over the past decades, and how the story of this has become so obfuscating and simplified that we, the public, have been left in a bewildered and confused state. The narrative traverses the United States, Britain, Russia and Saudi Arabia—but the country at the centre of reflection is Afghanistan. Because Afghanistan is the place that has confronted political figureheads across the West with the truth of their delusions—that they cannot understand what is going on any longer inside the systems they have built which do not account for the real world. Bitter Lake sets out to reveal the forces that over the past thirty years, rose up and commandeered those political systems into subservience, to which, as we see now, the highly destructive stories told by those in power, are inexorably bound to. The stories are not only half-truths, but they have monumental consequences in the real world.”

This is one of the most moving films I have ever witnessed. It’s not a light one, so be prepared to be deeply moved and disturbed.


Other films by Adam Curtis are also available on ThoughtMaybe.

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👍 Finders Keepers

When a man finds an amputated human leg in a BBQ smoker, he instantly conjures up ways to gain money and fame using his discovery. However, news of the found leg eventually reaches its original owner who declares wants the leg back. The ensuing battle for custody reveals interesting characters and a memorable story.


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👍 LA 92

LA 92 is a documentary covering the 1992 Los Angeles Riots which occurred following the Rodney King trial. A verdict of not guilty for the police officers involved caused major civil unrest. Sadly, similar situations continue to occur to this day.


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