A wise man once said…

💬 The destiny of the English-speaking people is to serve the world, not dominate it.

“The only way to defeat Communism in the world is to do a better and smoother job of production and distribution. Let’s make it a clean race, a determined race, but above all a peaceful race in the service of humanity. The source of all of our mistakes is fear [and not understanding the Others, as human beings]. Russia fears Anglo-Saxon encirclement. We fear Communist penetration. Out of fear, the Great Nations have been acting like cornered beasts, thinking only of survival. The Common People of the world will not tolerate imperialism, even under enlightened Anglo-Saxon atomic bomb auspices. The destiny of the English-speaking people is to serve the world, not dominate it.”

-Henry A. Wallace

💬 Francis Crick on Christian beliefs

“I do not respect Christian beliefs. I think they are ridiculous. If we could get rid of them we could more easily get down to the serious problem of trying to find out what the world is all about.”

-Francis Crick

💬 Francis Crick on religion

“The human dilemma is hardly new. We find ourselves through no wish of our own on this slowly revolving planet in an obscure corner of a vast universe. Our questioning intelligence will not let us live in cow-like content with our lot. We have a deep need to know why we are here. What is the world made of? More important, what are we made of? In the past religion answered these questions, often in considerable detail. Now we know that almost all these answers are highly likely to be nonsense, having sprung from man’s ignorance and his enormous capacity for self-deception… The simple fables of the religions of the world have come to seem like tales told to children. Even understood symbolically they are often perverse, if not rather unpleasant… Humanists, then, live in a mysterious, exciting and intellectually expanding world, which, once glimpsed, makes the old worlds of the religions seem fake-cosy and stale…”

-Francis Crick

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