👍 Grunge Off

If you smoke cannabis, your life can be split into two parts: The time before you learned about Grunge Off and the time after you learned about Grunge Off.

Grunge Off is a liquid cleaning solution which you soak your bongs, pipes, and other smoking hardware in. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been smoking flower or dabbing. It will clean anything. After some hours of soaking, you remove the piece, rinse it off, and that’s it. The piece comes out looking just like new. No scrubbing or hassle required.

Grunge Off has a strong orange-scented cleaning solution smell to it, but it’s not composed of harmful, nasty chemicals. You can get it on your skin without any worry at all.

Being easy, safe, and super effective, Grunge Off is basically a miracle liquid. I think back to all the silly things I used to do to try to clean my pieces and shake my head with shame. This cleaning liquid would have saved me so much time and trouble.

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