👍 /r/OutOfTheLoop

I don’t pay attention to most of the popular culture in the United States. Mainstream music, movies, and television are almost all garbage, and the National Football League is another worthless piece of junk that isn’t worth spending neurons on. (It should also not be overlooked that the NFL is owned by some of the most disgusting, money-hungry, ultra right-wing conservative billionaire men in the world, but that’s a subject for another post)

However, because I don’t pay attention to any of this trash, I frequently find myself out of the loop when it comes to memes and discussions on the internet. Just yesterday I found myself facing a confusing number of upset posts about something having to do with the Super Bowl and Spongebob Squarepants. I couldn’t even tell you the final score of the game, let alone why Spongebob had something to do with the Super Bowl, so I headed over to /r/OutOfTheLoop to see what was going on.

Sure enough, the first post on the page was titled ‘What’s going on with people being mad during the Super Bowl?‘ The top comment on the post quickly brought me up to speed. All of the posts I had seen suddenly made sense.

If you ever find yourself feeling out of the loop like I often do, I recommend bookmarking /r/OutOfTheLoop as it’ll usually clue you in to what the rest of the world is wasting their time on.


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