🎡 A Place In The Sun by Lit

Any time I see or hear a youngster use the term ‘lit’, I can’t help but think of one of the best albums produced in the late 1990s: A Place In The Sun by the band Lit.

If you’re not immediately familiar with Lit, you may have heard their song My Own Worst Enemy. It was all over the radio around 1999-2000. The songs Miserable, Zip-Lock, and A Place In The Sun were also popular.

🀬 I want more hot days

When people ask me about the weather in Burlingame I tell them that it never ever gets hot. They usually remark that I must be exaggerating, but I am not.

In 2018, Burlingame experienced a total of just nine days where the temperature reached or broke 80Β°F. If I look for days where the temperature reached or broke 85Β°F, that total is only two days.

DateMaximum Temperature
May 28, 201882Β°F
June 0285
June 2280
June 2387
June 3081
July 681
July 981
September 2083
November 0180

I miss the Summers I spent growing up just 20 miles south where the temperature was almost always at or above 80Β°F.

Sadly, in order to afford to live down there again, I would have to find a job that pays me a 6-figure salary and I’d also have to find a girlfriend/wife who also had a 6-figure salary. In reality, I’m nowhere near capable of holding down a job, let alone one with a large salary. And I’m even farther away from having a girlfriend, let alone one who earns a large salary.

πŸ‘ Formula 1: Drive To Survive

Formula 1 recently released a 10-episode TV mini-series on Netflix which covers the 2018 racing season and it is fantastic. The series provides an inside look at the challenges the drivers and teams deal with throughout a season. Even for someone like me who pays a lot of attention to the sport, this series revealed new aspects of drivers and teams that I had not seen before.

Drive To Survive is a perfect TV mini-series. It’ll capture the amazement of both people who’ve never been interested in car racing as well as those who were born with motor oil under their fingernails.

Formula 1: Drive To Survive [Netflix]

🀬 Poor reviews

I frequently run into less-than-excellent retailers on the internet given that I make most of my product purchases on the internet. Prior to placing an order, the product they’re selling looks fine. However, when I receive the product there will be some kind of problem, such as shipping damage due to poor packaging, providing me with a product I did not purchase, or shipping a product that differs from the description on the product’s website. In many of these cases, I provide a poor rating on the seller’s account or the seller’s product in order to warn other customers about the poor quality or service. What happens after this is quite troubling.

After leaving my review, I almost always see an email in my inbox the next day which states that the seller has provided me with an immediate refund. In this same message, the seller also states that I do not need to return the product, but they ask that I delete my negative review in account of the seller’s “generosity”. This is frustrating.

On one hand, yes, the seller has largely solved any reason I have to feel sour about the purchase I made. They gave me a full refund for the purchase and allowed me to avoid the trouble of running an errand to return the product.

But on the other hand, I’m still left in a situation where I need a product and expected to have it already. I still have to go through the trouble of ordering another copy of that product and waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Also, if I requested a return on the product I ordered because the website lied about the product’s description, I cannot simply go buy another copy of the same product. Rather, I have to perform research all over again to find the right product to order since the one I initially picked was bogus.

Online product reviews are tremendously helpful. Never before in history have consumers had so much information available to them prior to making purchases. However, if those reviews only tell one side of the story, the positive side, their utility decreases dramatically. The reason I leave product and seller reviews is because I find them so incredibly useful. Honest reviews are like gold. They save me an enormous amount of time and trouble. I want to contribute to this resource which I find so incredibly valuable. If I delete all of my negative reviews, other customers do not receive an honest view of the products and sellers they consider.

In the end, I’m stuck in the awkward situation of trying to decide whether a seller made an honest, one-time mistake and doesn’t deserve a bad review or if they’re a genuinely lousy seller and deserve a bad review.

πŸ‘ The Devil We Know

This documentary details the story of how the companies 3M and DuPont knowingly exposed the entire world to a toxic chemical, known as C8, which causes cancer and birth defects and is now found in the blood of almost every person on Earth. C8 is so nasty and horrible that the scientists who studied the chemical named it “the devil’s piss”.

The Devil We Know [website]
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🀬 PG&E & bonuses

“PG&E said bonuses have historically constituted 6 to 20 percent of employees’ pay and brought their total compensation “in line with the market and their peers in the utility space.””

Why doesn’t PG&E pay its workers a market wage to begin with??? Why do PG&E’s workers need to rely on unreliable EOY bonuses in order to round out their yearly pay?

This makes no sense to me. Pay your workers a full wage to do their job. If they don’t do their job well, terminate their employment. Why in the world would you pay someone a less than fair wage and then keep them employed at the company if they fail to accomplish the requirements of their job???

Bankrupt California utility wants to give $235M in bonuses [SFGate]