🀬 Modern schooling is a joke

Elementary school, junior high, and high school are near complete wastes of time. Classes such as English and theology are wholly useless in the society we currently live in. Almost nothing taught is applicable outside of the classroom. Hell, even history class, the story of how we got to where we are today, is mostly useless considering that no history after World War I is ever studied.

That being said, it looks like someone finally pulled their head out of their ass and realized that kids might need to know something about the world they live in before they graduate.

California May Require High Schools To Teach Financial Literacy As Part Of Economics Course [CBS13 Sacramento]

Heaven forbid they ever start teaching kids other useful subjects such as how to use a computer and the internet, how to engage in healthy sexual relationships, how to spot bias and false information in writing and video, how to successfully work in a company setting, how to assess political candidates and engage in our democratic system, or how to survive financially in a world where over 50% of your income goes towards rent.