🀬 I want more hot days

When people ask me about the weather in Burlingame I tell them that it never ever gets hot. They usually remark that I must be exaggerating, but I am not.

In 2018, Burlingame experienced a total of just nine days where the temperature reached or broke 80Β°F. If I look for days where the temperature reached or broke 85Β°F, that total is only two days.

DateMaximum Temperature
May 28, 201882Β°F
June 0285
June 2280
June 2387
June 3081
July 681
July 981
September 2083
November 0180

I miss the Summers I spent growing up just 20 miles south where the temperature was almost always at or above 80Β°F.

Sadly, in order to afford to live down there again, I would have to find a job that pays me a 6-figure salary and I’d also have to find a girlfriend/wife who also had a 6-figure salary. In reality, I’m nowhere near capable of holding down a job, let alone one with a large salary. And I’m even farther away from having a girlfriend, let alone one who earns a large salary.