🤬 Corrupt cops go unpunished

What happens if you frame someone for murder by fabricating evidence, coercing a key witness, and withholding vital exonerating information? Well, if you are a police office, nothing happens because police officers are above the law.

How is this okay?!?!??? If any other person other than a police officer engaged in this behavior, they would go to jail. But if you’re a police officer, nothing happens! You do not lose any pay, you not lose your job, and you do not lose your retirement benefits, which are in themselves absurd. (Why in the world are people who work for the government entitled to lavish retirement benefits??? I could write a whole post just on the lunacy of pension benefits.) Instead, its tax payers who are held accountable for the illegal actions of corrupt police officers. It’s the tax payers who suffer, not the police.

The above-the-law treatment which American police officers receive is disgusting. The fact that most Americans are fine with this state of affairs is the ultimate form of vile.

San Francisco Paying $13.1 Million to Man Framed for Murder [NBC Bay Area]