📷 Comcast upgrade

Comcast gave me another reason to hate the company last week.

Up until last week, I was paying $150 per month for internet service at 250 Mbps down, 30 Mbps up. That’s a preposterous amount of money to pay for relatively weak internet service, but it’s the only reasonable speed Comcast offered at the time I moved into my apartment. If Comcast decided to release a gigabit speed internet connection for less money per month, you’d think they would automatically sign me up for the new service, discount my current monthly bill, or at the very least advertise the new service to me. Did Comcast perform any of those actions? Nope!

Instead of discounting my 250 Mbps service, upgrading my speed, or alerting me to the new service, Comcast continued to bill me $150/month for 250 Mbps without saying anything. Only months later through a chance browsing of Xfinity’s internet service packages did I discover the gigabit option.

This new gigabit internet service gives me about 900 Mbps down and 40 Mbps up for $127 per month, about $25 cheaper than the previous service that was 300% slower.

Comcast internet speed test

Comcast, I will forever hate you, especially if you keep treating your customers like this.