🧠 TIL YouTube supports pedophiles

Well, I didn’t actually learn this today or even this month. It’s been abundantly clear for years now that YouTube does not care about pedophiles using its platform. PayMoneyWubby has produced a couple videos exposing the problem:

In fact, after PayMoneyWubby uploaded his video about kids on Musical.ly, YouTube deleted his video due to sexually explicit content, even though all of his source material came from videos uploaded to YouTube.

Based on YouTube’s actions, it is clear that the company does not care about pedophiles using YouTube to get off to videos which sexualize children. Instead, the company only appears to care about how many people spend time viewing videos. If they took action against the pedophiles on YouTube, it would hurt their numbers and the company does not want that to happen. In fact, this does not need to be assumed. YouTube itself has stated that view counts are the reason they do not take action:

“But YouTube has not put in place the one change that researchers say would prevent this from happening again: turning off its recommendation system on videos of children, though the platform can identify such videos automatically. The company said that because recommendations are the biggest traffic driver, removing them would hurt “creators” who rely on those clicks.”

NY Times

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Also, it should be noted that videos which sexualize prepubescent children are not the only questionable content that YouTube supports and defends:

🧠 TIL pill bugs are crustaceans

Pill bugs, a.k.a. rolly pollies, (scientific name: Armadillidiidae) are land-dwelling crustaceans which are more closely related to crabs and shrimp than other bugs like butterflies or crickets. In fact, they breathe using gills, which is why you’ll usually find the critters living in damp areas. If those gills dry out, the pill bug will suffocate. Luckily, pill bugs are one of the few organisms which can rehydrate themselves by absorbing water vapor directly from the air around them, as long as the humidity is high enough.

There are almost 4,000 species of pill bugs known to science and they are the only crustaceans which have colonized land. Pill bugs are an important decomposer of organic matter and can filter heavy metals from the soil they produce. The are particularly important in the formation of topsoil in areas of human disturbance which feature high levels of metal contamination such as those caused by mining.

Pill bugs emerged from the sea to conquer the Earth [PBS News Hour]

🧠 TIL Monterey Jack cheese is named after a person

Monterey Jack cheese got its name from a real person named David Jack, a Scottish-born land speculator and business man who lived in California in the mid-to-late 1800s. Like all wealthy businessmen of the time, and now, David Jack was a true asshole and hated by many. However, the cheese likely did not originate with him but instead with the Boronda family of Carmel Valley.

The competing legends of Monterey Jack [SF Chronicle]