My name is Charles Magnuson and you have found my blog.

Every few years I feel enough drive inside of me to write an extended post about a certain subject. Otherwise, this blog consists mostly of links to videos, movies, photos, articles, and other interesting items I find around the internet.

Why are you blogging? It’s not 2003 anymore.

We live in an era where the content we consume is determined by complicated, opaque social media algorithms and controlled by multi-billion dollar corporate owners who do not have their users’ interests at heart. I do not want to further that madness. Instead, I want to have full control over the content I share online and how it’s displayed.

There are no algorithms on this blog. Everything you see is displayed in exact chronological order, newest to oldest. The content I create on this blog is owned exclusively by me. I do not have to worry about getting screwed over by an incomprehensible Terms of Service agreement. If I want to change the design of this blog or add/remove a feature, I can. I am able to control anything I want about this blog.

So, to address the question “Why are you blogging?” I can provide a simple answer: Because I have full control over this medium. Also, because this blog doesn’t generate any money for the ill-intentioned billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.