🎵 The Real Thing by Turnstile and Mall Grab

A band produces a great original song: somewhat rare. A band produces a cover of their own original song: remarkably rare. That cover then turns out to be even better than the original song: exceedingly rare.

When ‘The Real Thing’ came up in my Weekly Discovery playlist, I sworn I had heard the song before but couldn’t recall where. Only after some Googling of song lyrics did I figure out the connection.

The cover:

The original:

📹 Cooking shows don’t get better than Bon Appétit

Historically, cooking shows were what you tuned into at 3 A.M when nothing else was on TV. Then came YouTube.

YouTube has completely changed the cooking show game. Channels such as Bon Appétit have morphed the cooking show genre from a boring snoozefest into some of the best content available in the world. Brad Leone helps a little too.

This episode of It’s Alive is a perfect example. It is extremely, extremely well produced content. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like fish or jerky. You will enjoy this episode.

👍 Burlingame: Where it never gets very hot

In Burlingame, California, we only saw 9 days in 2018 where the temperature hit 80°F or above:

May 28, 201882°F
June 285°
June 2280°
June 2387°
June 3081°
July 681°
July 981°
September 2083°
November 180°

During 2019, we saw a remarkable increase to 32 days at or above 80°F:

April 2384°F
April 2481°
June 881°
June 984°
June 1088°
June 1181°
June 1282°
June 2280°
July 2483°
July 2780°
August 1182°
August 1284°
August 1381°
August 1480°
August 1580°
August 1680°
August 2680°
August 3182°
September 1289°
September 1384°
September 2080°
September 2180°
September 2380°
September 2481°
September 2582°
October 682°
October 783°
October 2181°
October 2282°
October 2382°
October 2483°
October 2580°

If you hate cold winters and hot summers, Burlingame, CA is not a bad place to live.