🤬 Impending Mueller Report

I guarantee you that the Mueller Report will yield zero results.

There may be small parts of the report that are made public, but on the whole it will be kept secret from the American public. Democrats will want to act on the findings, but Republicans will refuse any action whatsoever. Trump and his administration will suffer zero consequences from the report and Republicans in Congress will continue to defend his actions.

Trump will go on to receive roughly 45% of the popular vote in 2019 and may even become president again in 2020 depending on how far the Democrats leave their heads up their asses. Nothing will change. The rampant government corruption that exists currently will continue unabated.

I stand behind this prediction 100%. Mark these words because they will soon be true.

🤬 Corrupt cops go unpunished

What happens if you frame someone for murder by fabricating evidence, coercing a key witness, and withholding vital exonerating information? Well, if you are a police office, nothing happens because police officers are above the law.

How is this okay?!?!??? If any other person other than a police officer engaged in this behavior, they would go to jail. But if you’re a police officer, nothing happens! You do not lose any pay, you not lose your job, and you do not lose your retirement benefits, which are in themselves absurd. (Why in the world are people who work for the government entitled to lavish retirement benefits??? I could write a whole post just on the lunacy of pension benefits.) Instead, its tax payers who are held accountable for the illegal actions of corrupt police officers. It’s the tax payers who suffer, not the police.

The above-the-law treatment which American police officers receive is disgusting. The fact that most Americans are fine with this state of affairs is the ultimate form of vile.

San Francisco Paying $13.1 Million to Man Framed for Murder [NBC Bay Area]

👍 Discover Quickly for Spotify

Discover Quickly is a website designed specifically to help you discover new music on Spotify. You can usually tell within a second or two of listening whether you enjoy a song. Discovery Quickly uses this idea to explore music.

Start by selecting a playlist of music and then hover over album art to play each song. If you are intrigued by a song, you can click on it to learn more about the track and artist. Additionally, you can quickly add all of the songs you click on to your library or a playlist in one batch rather than adding each one individually.

Discover Quickly [website]

👍 Yang 2020

I don’t think politicians go far enough in their efforts to address the social issues which currently harm the United States. I certainly don’t want Elon Musk to be president, but I want someone who is willing to take Musk-like bold positions on policies and advance our country in radical ways. To date, I had not seen that 2020 candidate until learning about Andrew Yang.

Yang has three big policies:

  1. Universal basic income
  2. Medicare for all
  3. Human-centered capitalism

These three policies address some of the biggest issues facing our nation right now. But in addition to addressing issues of poverty, healthcare, and corporate externalities, Yang has dozens of other excellent policies which would lead to positive change: https://www.yang2020.com/policies/

I certainly hope Andrew Yang can at least make a splash in the race for 2020 to indicate that we don’t want the same old bullshit Washington has been feeding the country for decades.